Felicity 2KVA 24V Inverter


Felicity 2KVA 24V Inverter


  • Transformer-Based
  • 2kVA
  • 12V
  • Inverter
  • Felicity
  • Output power: 1 – 200kW
  • Transfer time(AC to DC): 10ms
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Felicity 2KVA 24V Inverter


The Felicity 2kVA 12V Power Inverter is a great inverter for power backup, powering basic appliances, and even mobile usage. It is a pure sine wave inverter made with quality transformer-based technology giving it the durability and efficiency at charging batteries at a nominal efficiency of about 80%, as well as the optimal waveform for powering appliances and lighting.

It is designed to protect the user from hazards by its unique design with good insulation as well as good temperature control and battery protection. It has an LCD screen to enhance the user experience. The Felicity 2kVA 12V Power Inverter comes with the manufacturer’s warranty of at least 1 year as well as Poise Energy’s quality after-sales support from a wide range of technical experts.



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