Honshu 12V 100Ah Battery


Honshu 12V 100Ah Battery

  • Electric Vehicle Cars
  • Golf Cars
  • Sightseeing cars
  • Electric Bike
  • Electric Motorcycle
  • Wheelchair
  • Electric Tools
  • Electric Tractor


  • Type 6EVF100
  • Voltage 12V
  • Capacity 100AH (3hr)
  • Warranty one year
  • T.H 224mm
  • Length 332mm
  • Width  174mm
  • Height  216mm
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Honshu 12V 100Ah Battery


1.Pb-Ca-Sn alloy,no Cd,environmentally-friendly

2.High purity raw material and high performance AGM separator

  1. Excellent low temperature property and vibration resistance

4.Excellent cycle life and recovery performance during deep cycle use

5.sealed construction and Maintenance free

Compliant Standards:

GB/T 22199-2008、GB/T18332.1-2009

Passed ISO9001、2001; ISO14001、CE certificate


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