Index 12V 200AH AGM EX NXT Battery


Index 12V 200AH AGM EX NXT Battery


  • Deep cycle application
  • Fast recovery from deep discharge
  • Extended cycle life
  • Fast recharge capability
  • Excellent charge retention
  • International size
  • Free from orientation constraints
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 12V | 200AH Inverter Battery


  • UPS
  • Solar
  • Telecom
  • Inverter
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Index 12V 200AH AGM EX NXT Battery

Inverter Battery Rugged 12V/200AH comes with a unique corrosion-resistant grid alloy ensures batteries have a long service life.

It uses high purity raw materials to ensure batteries have less self-discharge.

INDEX (EXIDE) 12V/200AH Batteries are made with thicker and heavier plates with 99% PURE RED LEAD FOR HIGHER CHARGE RETENTION.

Index Inverter Battery 12V/200AH – Key Features:

  • Enjoy Longlasting batter with very Low discharge rate
    INDEX EXIDE is Outstanding in design and structure
  • Non-Spillable and not explosive
    INDEX EXIDE battery is very strong, High quality & very reliable
    Exceptional deep discharge
    Flexibility design for multiple install positions
    Overall best inverter battery, superior in quality and outstanding Performance
  • INDEX EXIDE Battery 200ah/12v is 70kg


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