Luminous 2.5KVA 36V Cruze Inverter


Luminous 2.5KVA 36V Cruze Inverter


  • Transformer-Based
  • 2.5kVa
  • 36V
  • Inverter
  • Luminous
  • Cruze
  • DSP technology
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Luminous 2.5KVA 36V Cruze Inverter

The Luminous 2.5kVa 36V Cruze Inverter is a durable inverter from Luminous of the Cruze series of inverters. This inverter is designed to support heavy load, while delivering a reliable performance. It is built on the state-of-art Sine Wave technology, which allows it to deliver pure sine wave electricity unlike the square wave unit delivered by non-DSP inverters, which may be harmful to some electronic equipment.

The Luminous 2.5kVA 36V Cruze Inverter is made to be used in situations where more than a basic energy need is required. It routinely carries relatively heavy loads like refrigerators, air conditioners and in some cases, even electrical irons. This 2.5kVa 36V Cruze Luminous Inverter has a fast change over time, which may cause power outages to be unnoticeable. This may be very important in some applications such as in banking or for ISPs.

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