Luminous 30KVA 360V Inverter


Luminous 30KVA 360V Inverter


  • Transformer-Based
  • 30KVA
  • 360V
  • Inverter
  • Luminous
  • Reliable SMT based design smart Charge plus Technology for faster charging and longer battery life
  • Intelligent Thermal Management for longer life and higher reliability.
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Luminous 30KVA 360V Inverter

The Luminous  30kVa 360V Inverter is a 3-phase durable heavy duty pure sine wave inverter suitable for large machinery or even whole organisations. It has previously found use in cooling systems, Medical equipment such as Xray, CT and MRI machines, and other appliances/devices such as ATMs, refrigerators etc.

The Luminous 30kVa 360V Inverter has inbuilt protective features for devices such as surge and short-circuit protections like MCB, reverse battery, input-phase reversal, high temperature.
This Luminous 30kVA 360V Inverter has a cold start of 110% for 5 min 150% for 15 sec 200% for 7 sec 300% for 3 sec, accommodating the startup current required by most equipment. This inverter prolongs battery life by reducing its efficient charging algorithm and prevention of passive energy leaks when not in use.
The 30kVA 360V Luminous Inverter has a sterling reputation for efficiency (=88%:inverter mode .98% (excluding charging), .95% (including charging): mains mode). This 30kVa Luminous 360V Inverter an automated transfer switch with mains to inverter 1 sec/0.5 sec(user selectable) .Inverter to mains, no break < 2 msec.

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