Su-Kam 2.5KVA 48V Fusion Inverter


Su-Kam 2.5KVA 48V Fusion Inverter


  • Transformer-Based
  • 2.5kVa
  • 48V
  • Inverter
  • Su-Kam
  • Fusion
  • Fuzzy charging logic that prolongs battery life
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Su-Kam 2.5KVA 48V Fusion Inverter


The Su-Kam 2.5kVa 48V Fusion Inverter is a commercial UPS, which is engineered to produce a high quality pure sine wave inverter often used for commercial purposes, though is has also found domestic uses. It can be used with flooded batteries or SMF batteries. Most ordinary UPS do not produce the right type of power to support heavy duty appliances.

The Sukam 2.5kVA 48V Fusion Commercial UPS (CUPS) fixes that problem by having the capacity to power such appliances as microwave, water pumps, iMacs, without the annoying humming noise most UPSs have. This Su-Kam 2.5kVA 48V Fusion CUPS can has an automatic transfer switch of a few milliseconds, such that connected appliances like computers are not affected by power outages.

This 48V Su-Kam Inverter is takes over power supply in high and low voltages. The 2.5kVa Su-Kam Inverter also has load balancing features to ensure that the supplied voltage, current or even frequency of supplied power is not altered by changes in load. The Sukam 2.5kVa 48V Fusion Inverter prolongs battery life by sensing the charging requirements of the battery and adjusting the charging accordingly.

This CUPS shuts down when there is excessive temperature gain, thus increasing its own life span. The Sukam 2.5kVa 48V CUPS has two modes- the UPS mode which is for powering computers only and the Wide UPS mode used for heavy appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens etc.


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