Su-Kam 25KVA 360V 3-Phase Colossal Inverter


Su-Kam 25KVA 360V 3-Phase Colossal Inverter


  • Transformer-Based
  • 25kVA
  • 360V
  • Inverter
  • Su-Kam
  • 3-Phase Colossal
  • Deep discharge battery protection
  • Battery pole reversal protection
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Su-Kam 25KVA 360V 3-Phase Colossal Inverter


The 25kVA Su-Kam Solar Inverter is highly beneficial for heavy duty applications, the Su-Kam 25kVA is a Colossal series 3-phase in – 3-phase out. is beneficial for heavy duty applications. The 25kVA Su-Kam Inverter offers the bet backup choice for excellent performance. The application is wide, covering a host of commercial activities that require constant power supply, hence the need for an effective power backup system.
This 25kVA Su-Kam like many high capacity inverters brings top performance power backup to key commercial establishments. The 25kVA Su-Kam Inverter has a number of specifications ranging from it being absolutely safe for sensitive equipment, suitable for heavy duty usage. The Pure Sine Wave Output Inverter has a DSP based PWM Technology using IGBT. It is highly Efficient and Reliable. The 25kVA Su-Kam Inverter has an LCD display which provides operational information to user


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